"I really like the fact that we are given the chance to learn and perform certain clinical skills early.... I would definitely recommend the program to my fellow Canadians!"

Rebecca O

"World-class teaching and learning facilities. Beautiful campus. Great program! Professors are very knowledgeable. Lots of learning resources available to students." 

Jason K

"Love that my program is taught in a variety of different formats. It allows me to craft my own learning experience. UQ has a gorgeous campus and a really wonderful academic reputation. I feel like I am receiving top-notch educational quality and have really enjoyed how well-rounded the curriculum is and the dedication the staff have been to the student experience."        

Beau F, UQ Medicine student


Each year, OzTREKK hosts Medical Licensing Webinars specifically for OzTREKK applicants, because we know that considering an international medical education means you have questions about what happens after you graduate! We provide the latest information regarding the accreditation and medical licensing process in Canada, as well as outline options for internships in Australia and other destinations. You have questions—we have answers.


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My Med Connection

The UQ Faculty of Medicine is dedicated to supporting the specific needs of their Canadian medical student cohort. In partnership with OzTREKK, this program aims to provide advice and resources to help you explore career opportunities in both Australia and in Canada.

Connect with a Canadian physician (free to UQ med students)

NAC Preparation




Student First

The OzTREKK mission is to have the best-prepared students ready for their first-class education in Australia.

What will I learn?

"Practice in Canada Day" with UQMS

What will I learn?Register for free advice!

"It was really helpful. He provided me with email addresses for key contacts and very specific examples of what to do."

UQ MD student